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Jiangxi Zengxin Animal Husbandry Technology CO.,LTD ( ZX),specializing in pig breeding, pig farm designing, founded in July 2006, and located in the High-tech Industrial park for middle-small corporation xinyu, Jiangxi province,China , is a corporation with proprietary intellectual rights, and also is a integration of pig equipment research, production, and sales.  ZX with about 500employees, owned a factory of nearly 100mu, and is a corporation which has the leading and the biggest BMC laminated fabric flow line of slatted board and equipment assembly in the country. ZX began with animal husbandry, and is specializing in animal husbandry and making services for it.ZX takes green, harmony, prosperity, and devotion as its core value and promotes the belief that working in Zengxin, and enjoying in it! In order to be one of leading animal husbandry equipment supplier in the country,ZX use technology as a ways to drive the development of animal husbandry, and to create a environmental animal husbandry corporation that is with low waste and high efficient. With the help of rich experience in pig breeding, professional equipment researching team, and outstanding quality products with low price, and what’s more,it has a powerful work group that enjoyed a good reputation, and satisfied many clients with its best service, senior industry experience, and Strong technical strength, all this factors participated the company become a stronger animal husbandry enterprise in the country. ZX, as a developing corporation, produces various kinds of pig breeding tools, and is also in position to accept orders against customers’ own specifications or demands and every pieces of opponents will be fully tested in a testing room, thus all of it should be in good quality. its three main products: the constant temperature heating plate made up of BMC laminated fabric, rotating feed groove, and BMC laminated fabric farrowing are all permitted and obtained the national patent. The annual total output value of the three products exceeded RMB10million. With the market is becoming more and more mature, and the industrialization of agriculture develops unceasingly, its business has spread all over the country. ZX was named a member of Hog Division of China’s Animal Husbandry Association, and a enterprise with AAA credit grade certificate, Jiangxi pig industry association member units, and jiangxi re-employment base and so on. ZX have holding the philosophy that technology is the driving power, quality is the key, and good service is the core. It spares no efforts to provide both the latest, the reliable products, and good, promote, and considerate service for clients. As you see, we are becoming a partner who is willing to share success with customers and a model who will creates a splendid future with you.

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